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We are shipwreck hunters and use your products to figure out if the wind will be calm enough to let us do our sonar survey work. Your tools have allowed us to do about 50% more work because the data is more relevant than marine weather forcasts.

Jack van Heest,

On Saturday I drove two hours from Gloucester to Phinney's Harbor (at the tip of Buzzards Bay in Bourne) hoping to grab an afternoon of sailing in a near hopeless weekend for wind. I was banking on your forecast, knowing it was a tricky call for you. Turns out you were "spot on" as the Brits say. Got in 2 1/2 hours with a 6.7m sail on a 105 liter board and a 5.7m on 95 liter board. Thanks for the laser-like accurate forecast!

Bob Cunningham

Many activities that I enjoy are affected by the wind. Your windAlert app is great! I especially appreciate the forecast maps.

John T., windAlert Android user