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I really like your forecasting for windsurfing -- I use it to plan my day and decide which car to take to work, the little roller skate or the van loaded for bear. The only downside is that more people are showing up at the coast on the right days!

Dave Robinson, Member

Just like you to know that without your services, I would not be able to sail with the amount of wind success that I've enjoyed these past few years. I work swing shift and need to be out of the water by 2:30 pm on weekdays.. so I need to know where there is wind in the bay by about noontime and if it's in the increasing mode. Last year, despite my work hours, I still I sailed 138 days with the information that you guys provide me. Thanks.

Bert Espinosa

Soo cool!! I have the wind graph on my phone!

Matthew - FX Member