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"I have been using the iKitesurf Forcast all summer...The forecasting has been fantastic, even 7 days out!" --Ed Herman, Aerial Kiteboarding
"I'm always telling my students about iKitesurf. I live by it!" --Drew Christianson / Pro Kiteboarder
"Ever since the very first time I downloaded the iKitesurf app, it has always been part of every session and every kite decision. It has not let me down!" --Ben Jopling - Pro Kiteboarder

Weather Stations Where You Ride.

Your complete kite weather source, iKitesurf gives you real-time reports from our own exclusive weather station network, plus reports from over 50,000 other weather stations worldwide.

iKitesurf weatherstations

Weather Forecasts Where You Ride.

We provide highly accurate short-term wind forecasts including our own Professional Meteorologist Forecasts, and multiple forecast models - highlighted by our own proprietary forecast model.

iKitesurf weather forecasts

Onsite Reports Where You Ride.

iKitesurf has a large global network of onsite reporters who check in with their own local wind & weather reports. Get our smartphone Wind Meter and join our crowdsourcing revolution!

iKitesurf onsite reports